Your Windows Need a Meaning – Choose Our Queen's Park Window Cleaning

Want your home to look like in one of those interior magazines – wonderfully flowing spaces designated by the natural light coming through spotless windows? When the last rains and the streaks left from your previous cleanings are the one thing between you and the home you know you want, order Queen's Park window cleaning from us and we will make all sorts of windows gleam. With no disruption to your privacy, no detergents and no ladders and buckets, we can get your property revamped! If you’re wondering just how we’re going to do it – we use a water-fed extension pole but before we tell you more about it, see how you can benefit when booking window cleaning with us.

Hire Window Cleaners Queen's Park and Take Advantage of:

  • the peace of mind that your local Queen's Park cleaners are trained and certified by the British Window Cleaning Academy.
  • the security of full insurance cover, quality control, and work guarantee for each service.
  • the comfort of no disruption to your privacy and working process.
  • the flexibility of various booking slots, same-day service availability, and weekend and Bank Holiday appointments.
  • the safety of COSHH compliant procedures.
  • the benefit of special discounts on combined bookings.

How We Carry Out Our Window Cleaning Services in Queen's Park

To make any kinds of windows – from single windows, to bay windows, to French doors – gleam, we use a water-fed telescopic pole. It allows us to work from the ground up to the fourth floor. The pole is sprays purified water through a brush-head onto the window, thus removing accumulated dirt, dust, and soap residue from previous cleaning. The demineralised state of the water not only absorbs all minerals, chemicals, oils, and grime, but also prevents future dust build-up. After a final rinse, the windows are left to dry naturally, without any streaks and stains. The water tank is mounted onto our van so the only thing we need is appropriate parking space.

As for the cleaning on the inside, we apply a traditional method including a squeegee and a ladder if necessary. And while we’re there, we can help you with the domestic cleaning as well.

You can also hire us to clean window above the fourth floor. We can send a trained team to do a rope-access cleaning for the same brilliant results as with our other method.

How to Book Window Cleaning in Queen's Park

You can get a free quote over the phone at 020 3746 8283 or online any time of the day, any day of the week. We are local to your NW6 address and can be hired on short notice even for same-day services. Our company representatives will take your phone call or get in touch with you after you’ve filled our contact form to specify some details. To offer you a free estimate we will need to know:

  • The number and type of windows – whether it’s a bay window, or a whole conservatory – simply tell us what we have to work with.
  • Parking arrangements – we need to park our van near the property as the tank containing the water is mounted onto it.
  • All additional details – you may want to have a sticker removed, or have your patio and gutters cleaned as well.
  • And of course, we need to know which floor you’re situated on.

*Please note that we won’t be able to carry out outdoor window cleaning if there’s construction work being performed at your property and don’t forget you can get a discount on any additional service you book along with you window cleaning.

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